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2 Day Forecast Weather API

Free XML weather and JSON weather feeds for multiple global locations

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This free weather API Web Service allows developers and programmers to get current weather condition and 2 days of weather forecast information for global locations.

Developers can request return of data either by XML weather feed or JSON Weather feed using latitude/longitude, Postcode or Zipcode. The service has been designed specifically to support web designers and web developers / webmasters to seamlessly incorporate our quality weather data into client websites.

The data is available free for non-commercial use and under the specified terms and conditions of the feed. For commercial use of the feed or to extend the number of days of the feed, time periods, or add further weather elements then please contact us and we will be happy to help as best we can.


The Weather Web Service request follows simple HTTP GET syntax: start with a base URL and then add parameters and values after a question mark (?). Multiple parameters are separated by an ampersand (&).

The base URL for the Weather2 Weather API feed is;


uac Your unique access code
output Output in xml or json.
query Query can be:-
  • UK Postcode
  • Zip code
  • Lat,Lon
temp_unit Changes the temperatue unit. The values should be either :-
  • c - Celcius
  • f - Fahrenheit
If you do not provide a valid value then it will revert to c (Celsius).
ws_unit Changes the wind speed unit. The values should be one of the following:-
  • mps - Meter per second
  • mph - Miles per hour
  • kph - Kilometres per hour
If you do not provide a valid value then it will revert to kph (Kilometres per hour).


The Weather Web Service returns an XML or JSON document.

  • weather (Top level element)
    • current_weather
      • temp (Temperature in °c (Celsius) or °f (Fahrenheit)
      • wind
        • speed (Wind speed in mph or kph)
        • dir (16-point wind direction)
      • humidity (Humidity amount in percentage)
      • pressure (Pressure in mb)
      • weather_text (Description of weather)
    • forecast
      • date (Forecast date in yyyy-M-dd format)
      • day_max_temp (Maximum day temperature in °c (Celsius) or °f (Fahrenheit))
      • night_min_temp (Minimum night temperature in °c (Celsius) or °f (Fahrenheit))
      • day
        • wind
          • speed (Wind speed in mph or kph)
          • dir (16-point wind direction)
        • weather_code (Unique weather code)
        • weather_text (Description of weather)
      • night
        • wind
          • speed (Wind speed in mph or kph)
          • dir (16-point wind direction)
        • weather_code (Unique weather code)
        • weather_text (Description of weather)


  • Weather for UK Postcode G3

    http://www.myweather2.com/developer/forecast.ashx?uac=<your unique access code>&query=G3

  • Weather for Zip code 44011 and temperature in f (Fahrenheit) and wind speed in kph (Kilometer per hour)

    http://www.myweather2.com/developer/forecast.ashx?uac=<your unique access code>&query=44011&temp_unit=f&ws_unit=kph

  • Weather for Latitude and Longitude 24.15,56.32 and temperature in f (Fahrenheit)

    http://www.myweather2.com/developer/forecast.ashx?uac=<your unique access code>&query=24.15,56.32&temp_unit=f



Weather2 weather API web service feed is provided for non-commercial and commercial use. The data provided remains the property of Weather2 Ltd and under no circumstances can it be sold or re-distributed. Under these conditions the feeds are free of charge.

Anyone using the feed is required to provide a hyperlink back to www.myweather2.com wherever data from the feed is displayed. The hyperlink text should state ‘Weather provided by MyWeather2.com’.

Weather2 reserve the right to cease the distribution of the weather API web service feed at any time and also can require that any user cease use of feed content. Weather2 strictly forbids the on-selling of any data contained within the feeds.

This free API is restricted to a maximum of 500 server requests per day. If in any calendar month if 3 days have over 500 requests we will request you upgrade your account to a paid service. Prices start from as little as £30 per month.