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Cloud Charts for regions around the World

These charts show the amount of cloud cover forecast. The higher clouds are depicted as white and lower darker grey, so keep this in mind when looking at these charts.

Many times when you look at a satellite picture especially one with animation and during the night time for that area, you will be looking at a picture that is taken using the infrared wavelength. This is because if it was just to use the visual wavelength – we would not see anything at night (A little boring looking at a plain black image, no flash I’m afraid). So with our forecast images we try to replicate what an infrared image would look like over the next few days. Infrared images show warms thing as being dark and cold things as white. As a result the higher, colder clouds are white and lower darker grey.



North America

Africa and Middle East


South America

Australia and New Zealand

N Atlantic


Middle East

W. Hemsiphere

E. Hemsiphere

Azores & Madeira


Spain/Portugal & Balearics


Canaries & Cape Verde

New Zealand

Eastern Mediterranean

Central Mediterranean